186 MPH
197 HP
$200 / day

Suzuki Hayabusa (2013) black

Deposit Required:

With Passport: $100,000.00
Without Passport: $200,000.00
Please note: A deposit must be paid in-store before you can claim the bike.

The 2013 Suzuki Hayabusa, presented in a sleek black, stands as a symbol of sheer power and unmatched aerodynamics in the hyper-sport motorcycle category. Known for its breathtaking speed and iconic design, the Hayabusa has captivated riders globally for its ability to dominate highways and racetracks alike. The deep black finish adds a layer of mystique and aggression, further solidifying its place as a modern legend in the motorcycling world.

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1 day $200
3 days $180
7 days $160
30 days $140
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